Who is Wondrous college?

We are a globally competitive technical training institute that focuses on technical skills,entrepreneurial skills and also personal development

Where are we located ?

We are located at Epren Center 1st floor Buruburu,opposite Buruburu Police Station ,Nairobi Kenya.

What are the courses we offer?

1.Hopspitality Managment
2.Cake baking and the art of decoration
3.Information Technology Courses
4.Vocational Skills Enhancement Program

Do we offer flexible classes?

Each class can be tailor made depending on the students availability time and the course .

How much do the courses cost?

Each course is priced differently depending on the level ,duration and type of certification

Are we flexible with our payments?

Yes ,we consider each students financial capabilities .

Board Certifications we offer?

We offer both KNEC and ICM certifications.

Do we have any other branches?

Currently we are only located in BuruBuru.

Can you transfer from another institution?

Yes,terms and conditions apply.

What are our working hours?

8am -5pm from Monday to Friday

Do we offer hostels and boarding facilities?

Yes we offer both hostels and boarding facilities at a discounted rate.