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Deciding on what to do after KCSE? Are you looking to join a course? We offer some of the best and highly marketable courses around.

School of Information Technology

Wondrous college school of Information technology /computer courses,Offers computer packages ,computer application,certificate in information technology,diploma in computer application both foundation level and professional level, certificate in web design and graphic design.

Our IT faculty has:
  • Highly qualified tutors that are professional and experienced.
  • Fully equipped computer laboratory
  • Pleasant learning environment with a spacious lab and back up generators.
  • Strong,stable and reliable WiFi for research.   Welcome to our IT world..


February 2020
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School of Cake Baking and Decoration

Wondrous college school of cake baking and decoration, offers courses in cake baking and cake decoration in four levels, that is level 1 – 4.

Our hospitality pastry professionals have a unique and artist way of naturing our students in the field and train them into competitive professionals in the industry in addition to which we offer a wide range of cake recipes for students to take home.
We embrace creativity especially in the cake decoration sector to bring out our students ideas/imaginations into place/present and produce it into state of the art cake decorations and designs.
We encourage and nature our students in this category to embrace entrepreneurship so as to build their skills.

School of Hospitality and Tourism

Our students are trained and natured by hospitality professionals with the ex experience of the hotel and tourism industry and its emerging trends, to enrich the students in theoretical and practical skills that make our students competitive individuals in the industry as a whole.

At the end of the certificate and diploma courses we offer internship/attachment program to our students for a practical touch of the industry for a period of 3 months.
Come join us, and be part of our Hospitality Success!
Join us, help us build your future!

Vocational Skills and Enhancement Program

Introducing a great course for the needy students, Vocational Skills Enhancement program is suitable for individuals with disability and are needy. The program is fully sponsored and aims at preparing youth,especially gifted adults to play an effective and productive role in nation building.

In addition it aims at:
  • Promoting sound and moral religious values.
  • Promoting social equality.
  • Promoting individual development and self fulfillment.
  • Promote positive attitudes towards one’s capability and skills.
At the end of the course, the trainee should be able to:
  • Understand the use of appropriate tools, equipment and materials for the trade.
  • Acquire the techniques of fashion design and garment making
  • Demonstrate the ability to estimate and cost materials for an end product.
  • Develop the relevant knowledge,skills and attributes that will lead to further training.
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